Slide For 75 minutes, participants perform simple exercises, followed by discussion led by our professional facilitator. They are led to question the unequivocal postures that deceive our perception of reality, limit our creativity and ability to find solutions.

The workshop will allow them to initiate a dialogue that will facilitate the integration of all in the workplace and will increase their ability to find solutions through a more inclusive perspective and will realize that this wealth of points of view also comes from the CULTURAL DIVERSITY of the team.
Act to prevent and dismantle prejudices, raise awareness of cultural differences, create bridges to avoid misunderstandings, tensions, exclusion and inequalities is work that must be done as a team. How to get a better idea of ​​the groups of diverse work teams? Discover an activity to explore the mental images that form our biases, stereotypes and prejudices as well as to promote diversity at all levels in the workplace. Imaginary friends or enemies? A ludic activity to imagine solutions in order to avoid stereotypes and prejudices


PAAL promotes intercultural rapprochement and dialogue through creative artistic and cultural activities that arouse curiosity and inspire the desire to build an inclusive society. In 6 years, PAAL has offered 400 workshops and activities to more than 8,000 participants.


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